Valley Elementary Educational Foundation  
Raising money to enrich the educational experience so every child at Valley can succeed

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Valley Elementary Educational Foundation?
A: The Valley Elementary Educational Foundation is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization that brings parents and community members together to raise money to enrich the educational experience so that every child at Valley Elementary School can succeed. The Foundation is made up of a group of parent volunteers that work with the principal to identify the school’s needs.

Q: What is the difference between PTA and the Foundation?
A: The Valley Elementary PTA does a great job providing programs and activities that enhance the overall experience and help build community at our school. Though the Foundation works very closely with PTA, the Foundation’s primary purpose is to raise additional funds to support projects and programs that the PTA funds, the school budget, and grants, do not. In addition, Foundation funds roll over to subsequent years, thus enabling a long-term budgeting and projects.

Q: How does the Foundation raise funds?
A: Primarily, the Foundation seeks contributions from other parents and through: signature events, such as the Cinco de Mayo Trail Run; through an annual giving program, known as Dime a Day; and through other smaller initiatives. Funds are also raised through creative connections and formal partnerships with local corporations.

Q: How can I help the Foundation?
A: Make a financial contribution to the Foundation. All cash donations are tax-deductible. Check with your company to see if it matches the contributions that employees make to charitable organizations.
Participate in the Cinco de Mayo Trail Run. Donate your time and talent to help produce and put on the race. We are looking for volunteers all the time. If you are interested in more information, email event director Megan Schirmacher.
Become an advocate and positive force for the Foundation with all members of the Valley community.

Q: What else does the Foundation do besides raise funds for Valley Elementary?
A: The Foundation’s sole purpose is to raise funds and support the students of Valley Elementary School.

Q: Can I participate in both the PTA and Foundation?
A: Yes! There is no conflict between volunteering for the Foundation and the PTA

Q: What is the Foundation's Tax ID Number?
A: Our EIN is 41-2221590.

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