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Dime a Day dime
Our Annual Giving Campaign
The Dime a Day campaign is the Foundation’s annual giving campaign. We know, during this difficult time in our economy, that every gift is a sacrifice. So when structuring our annual giving program, we were deliberate to create options that could fit every budget — that could allow every family to participate at the level that worked best for them.

There are 180 days in the school year. We ask that each student consider donating one dime per day.

  1. A dime a day is $18.
  2. A quarter a day is $45.
  3. A dollar a day is $180.

To make an online gift now, please click on the Donate button below:

There are about 720 students at the school. If every student donated one dime for every day of school we could raise $12,960 for Valley. That’s a lot of computers or iPads for our students and our teachers. But for each one of us, it’s just a dime a day. It’s amazing what a dime can do!

Make a difference with your dimes! During the 2018-19 school year we had 144 families donate a total of $9,031. This year, we are working toward 100 percent participation. Our goal is for every student to donate one dime for each day of school. This will raise $12,960 for Valley! Click on the Donate button and have your name added to the list.

2018 Dime a Day Donors
Anger Family
Anukul Family
Aparicio Family
Badillo Family
Bancod Family
Barragan-Su Family
Barron Family
Barrus Family
Bear Family
Bell Family
Berk Family
Birthday Bandits
Borg Family
Carlson Family
Cassara Family
Castillo Family
Cazares Family
Cedillo Family
Chan Family
Clark Family
Collins Family
Cones Family
Cox Family
Crepeau-Boyd Family
Crivello Family
De La Fuente Family
Denisac Family
Dowd Family
Eltzroth Family
Endemann Family
Galarza - Boquin Family
Garcia Family
Garcia Yeh Family
Garrity-Tsunoda Family
Gastelum Family
Gharst Family
Gomez Family
Gonzalez Family
Halbert Family
Hamon Family
Harris Family
Hashemi Family
Headley Family
Heffron Family
Hernandez Family
Herriman Family
Hiu Family
Hovel Family
Hungspreugs Family
Hunsickerr Family
Hunt Family
Husseman Family
Javier Family
Jensen Family
Keppler Family
Klitgord-Mora Family
Krehbiel Family
Lamey Family
Landeros Family
Langer - Weida Family
Lapastora Family
Lemm Family
Lemus Family
Lewis Family
Ling Family
Llamas Family
Little Family
Lockyer Family
Lopez Family
Lowry Family
Lucero Family
Maner Family
Manlove-Smith Family
Martin Family
Martinez Family
Martinez-Vizuet Family
Mazloff Family
McCullough Family
McDonald Family
Medina Family
Meeks Family
Miranda Family
Montecino Family
Monzet Family
Moya-Inzunza Family
Mycek Family
Nandola Family
Neil-Owen Family
Newham Family
Niehans Family
O'Connor Family
Orcutt Family
Perucho-Green Family
Pham Family
Pizarro Family
Prather Family
Quiros Family
Racic Family
Rath-Hall Family
Ramirez Family
Richardson Family
Romero Family
Ruiz - Rivas Family
Santaella - Gomez Family
Sargent Family
Schurr Family
Sebastian Family
Sidhpura Family
Silacci Family
Silvia Jimenez Cleaning Service
Sjoberg Family
Slocomb Family
Stewart Family
Sturm Family
Suarez Family
Talamantes Family
Tanaka Family
Teetzel Family
Terrones-Gomez Family
Thomas Family
Thomson Family
Thompson Family
Tognetti Family
Tran Family
Treasurer Family
Trinh-Do Family
Tubbs Family
Turnello Family
Valdez Family
Valenzuela Family
Wakefield Family
Ward Family
Whisenand Family
Woodward Family
YehNayre Family

* Donor contributes monthly.
** Donor obtained matching funds from employer.
**** This list is current as of December 10, 2018.

Every effort has been made to assure that it’s accurate. If you made a Dime a Day donation and don’t see your name on this list, please email Sunny Little. If you want to add your name to this list, please click here.

Cinco de Mayo Trail Run
Our Signature Fundraising Event

Trail RunThe Cinco de Mayo Trail Run is the Foundation’s signature fundraiser. At the inaugural event, in 2007, there were 330 runners and we raised $12,000. The year 2013 was our breakthrough year. For the first time ever we broke — actually smashed through the 1,000 participant barrier. Our final registration total was 1,223 and the event made $25,000 for Valley Elementary! Since its inception, the popular event has raised an astounding $238,053.

Our 13th Annual Cinco de Mayo Trail Run will be held on May 4, 2019, at Lake Poway. It promises to be bigger and better than ever before and we hope you’ll join us for this major milestone in the event’s history!

To find out more about the event, or to register as a runner, click here.







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