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President’s Message

Jackie Silacci Welcome to the start of another school year. As the President of the Valley Elementary Educational Foundation, I would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to the Valley Elementary family for all of your time and financial support. Our sole purpose as a foundation is to raise money to support Valley Elementary. During the 2016-17 school year, we raised more than $54,000. These funds have been deployed in a variety of ways with a majority of this money going toward the acquisition and support of technology in the classroom.

For those of you who are new to Valley, the Valley Elementary Educational Foundation was established in 2006 by three amazing parents to raise money for the school to bridge the gap between what the school district can provide and what our students need to have the best, most well-rounded education possible. The money the Foundation raises provides resources directly to Valley students and teachers, bolsters programs and initiatives, and outfits classrooms and libraries. It brings in new techniques and technologies. It enriches the educational experience and helps every child at Valley succeed.  

This year, we will continue to focus on our two main fundraising initiatives, the Dime a Day campaign and the Cinco de Mayo Trail Run, scheduled for May 5, 2018. The foundation will use this money and that raised last year to continue to outfit each classroom with iPads (K-2) and Chromebooks (3-5), provide technology training for teachers, and support ongoing subscriptions to programs such as RazKids and BrainPop.  We also will provide grants to teachers for special classroom programs. Additionally, we are conducting a survey of all Valley teachers to better assess their needs and funding priorities in the future.

In the next few years, we expect to lose additional more board members as their children move on to middle school.   So, we are in recruiting mode.  We’re looking for new parents who have new strengths, new talents and bring new depth to each position. If you’re a working parent who can’t always volunteer in the classroom or drive on field trips, but are in search of a way to help the school, we need you.
I joined Valley’s Foundation in 2016 because I knew most districts suffered from budget cuts.   There were teaching tools the school couldn’t afford, such as CompassLearning.   I felt that if I could lend a hand with whatever skills I can, why wouldn’t I?  I did not expect that I would benefit from being on the Foundation as well.  During my tenure on the Foundation I have learned more skills, made new friendships, and developed a sense of pride in what the Foundation has accomplished for the school.  Valley’s Dual Language program is one of a kind and the teachers here are amazing.

Please join our team!  Whether it be through joining the board, a financial contribution to Dime-a-Day, or volunteering or participating in the Cinco de Mayo Trail Run, we hope you will find a way to participate this year.

Thank you again for your continuing support of our children’s education.

Warmest regards,

Jackie Silacci

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